Thailand 1992 Photos by Sue & Tony

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In 1992 our son Peter was backpacking around the world, sending home wonderful descriptions of his travels.   I decided on the strength of one of his letters to go to Fiji.   A colleague I barely knew at the time suggested I not to go to Fiji but take a trip she and her photographer husband had taken a year earlier with 'Passages' a small Toronto company specializing in small group adventure travel

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Barbara brought into the office beautiful large prints taken on their trip, I showed them to Tony and before we knew it we were signed up for a trip to Thailand which included a nine day jungle trek.  And so a love affair with Asia began 

We enjoyed everything about it, the itinerary, the small group, the budget accommodations,  Ahley our Thai guide his wife Pow who was our trek cook, the food, wonderfully hot and spicy, my favourite cuisine ever since,  not to mention the stash of beer buried to keep cool for our arrival at jungle campsites.   Last but not least Gary our guide from Toronto who morphed Passages into Elder Trek some years later

While we were away,  Barbara who has since accompanied me and I  her, on many an adventure, spent her time worrying that we would hate it.   It was  not a trip for everyone, the nine days of the jungle trek were particularly challenging for some

So thank you Peter and Barbara, you changed my life

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