Greece and Turkey 2001 - Photos by Sue

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 In May of 2001 my sister-in -law Jean and myself had three weeks to travel in Greece and Turkey.  We choose May because it would be both cooler and quieter than the summer months. We wanted a fairly relaxed schedule and did not want to island hop.   After much research in guide books and on the internet we decided on 6 Nights on the mainland and 5 nights on Santorini.  We flew into Athens from Manchester England.  Took a bus to Delphi and Galaxidi and back to Athens.  

If there happens to be a taxi strike scheduled during your stay, don't let anyone tell you it won't affect you.  They effectively closed down the city for 24 hours on the very morning we had to get to the airport for our flight to Istanbul.   George  who aspires to be "the most famous taxi driver in all Athens" came to our rescue when all else failed.  We very much enjoyed our time here as I hope you can tell from the photos.

From Athens we flew to Istanbul.  A short flight but quite expensive.  We enjoyed Athens but fell in love with Istanbul.  It is a fascinating city, steeped in history.   Much of what you want to see is within walking distance of Sultanhamet which is where we choose to stay.  We traveled around the city by public bus, tram and ferry, it is easy and cheap to get around.  Everywhere we went friendly people were waiting to help us find our way.  (No they were not carpet salesmen-though they can be very helpful too).

Cappadocia is wonderful.  We stayed at the newly renovated cave hotel 'Gamirasu' and I can't recommend it highly enough.   

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