Phnom Penh

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Hanging out with visitors - French Quarter

Chilling at the newly renovated Post Office                           

 If UNESCO Can't find an historic building for H.Q. who can?

National Museum circa 1929

Situated next to the Royal Palace,  its devoted primarily to Angkorian era statues, including the statue of the Leper King.  When I visited the staff were busy crating their treasures for an exhibition in Korea.  I wasn't sure why as most of the population of South Korea seemed to be at the temples this year

The Royal Palace

Enter via the Chan Chaya or Moonlight Pavilion, a former classical dance conservatory now used for banquets or addressing crowds

  Preah Timeang Tevea Vinicchay     "Sacred Seat of Judgement"  aka  The Throne Room circa 1914 

The thrones way at the back of the room are used just once during each reign, for the coronation.  The Queen sits on a raised throne at the rear, the King in front.   The last coronation here was in October 2004 the previous one in 1954 as neither King Norodom Sihamon or his father had a wife at the time, both thrones were unoccupied and they sat on an ornate chair instead    

Primary audience room now used for coronations and important occasion                              

The ceiling of the throne room is decorated with scenes from the Reamker the Khmer version of the Indian Epic Ramayana, which we see on our travels all over Asia.  I have seen drama, dance & puppet versions and still am confused.   The carpet is a gift from the People of China

Bayon style faces adorn the ornate 59 mm high tower on the roof of the throne hall.  The pillars are topped with flying celestial spirits

Wat Preah Keo Morokat Circa 1892                                

Our old friend the Ramayana

Also known as the 'Silver Pagoda' because of its 5329 silver floor tiles.  Occasionally used for religious and secular ceremonies, it houses priceless cultural and religious treasures.  Most notably the Emerald Buddha made of Jade or possibly Baccarat crystal.  In front of the Emerald Buddha stands the Maitreay 'Buddha of the Future', encrusted with 2086 diamonds.  There is a 25 carat diamond in the crown and a 20 carat diamond embedded in the chest


Hor Samran Phirun 'The Pavilion Where One Sleeps Peacefully'  The King would wait here to mount his elephant for royal processions 

'Tops At Night 'Asasax                                           

I had been looking for a painting on our travels through Myanmar and Laos and had almost given up when I came across the Asasax Gallery opposite the National Museum

'Tops At Night' is a collage of acrylic on textured silk fabrics I love it, though my picture doesn't do justice to the rich colour and texture

I left it until the gallery was almost closing on the night before I flew out.   Their credit card machine wasn't working and I didn't have my passport to go to the bank.  The beautiful young sales assistant, (whose face could grace the Bayon) decided she would take me to my guest house to pick up the passport and on to the bank  

A mad cap motor cycle ride ensued,  I feared for my life but all was well and 'Tops At Night' sits above my desk watching over me while I update this site in 2019

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