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Our Swiss Cottage tent on Colonel Singh's 5 acre farm/orchard.  It had a medieval look to it which was appropriate as the good Colonel will tell you, the "Rajputs have controlled this part of India for a 1000 years according to a code of chivalry and honour akin to that followed by medieval European Knights".  He and his staff serve tasty home grown food and all dairy and some vegetables are organically produced
The Colonels Camp

Medieval that is until I saw the bathroom.  Camping with a marble floored en suite!  Would I be satisfied with a Provincial Park washroom every again?

Some evenings a gypsy family troupe entertained with music and dance

What a glorious sight met us as we made the first of many forays to the dunes and Mela fairgrounds
Never look a gift camel in the mouth.   A prospective purchaser looks over the merchandise

It looked as if we were not the only ones staying in tents


Trading is not confined to camels, cows horses and goats are also bought and sold.  When it was time to negotiate they sat in a circle in the sand their hand making and accepting offers by touch under a cloth

The Camel Whisperer?

Taking care of business

Camel paraphernalia.  Everything the well dressed camel needs was available here

 camels were lead to water

Westerner's from their vantage point on the backs of camels watched

bedecked camels danced

 and raced- eventually.  Their jockeys had a hard time getting them to co-operate
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