Jungle Trekking

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Our intrepid group of trekkers just outside Tak and ready for anything, or almost anything

Only 13 of the 15 emerged nine days later at the other end, 2 having found the conditions intolerable, were escorted out by the fastest route possible

Our accommodations were in the homes of members of various hill tribes, usually the home of the village head man.  This village is typical


We also camped in the jungle under bamboo and banana leaf shelters, were we ever glad to see them at the end of a long hard slog.  Other nights we needed no shelters and slept on bamboo mats over banana leaves


Cooking Western style:  Our guide Ahleh and his wife Pow cooking our evening meal in camp


Cooking Thai style: Food is wrapped in banana leaves, placed in bamboo and put directly into the flames




Carrying day packs and water we trudged through some pretty dense jungle, negotiating streams via logs


While we were labouring under the weight of our day packs the rest of our belongings were being transported in bamboo baskets attached to bands of cloth around our porters heads.  We started the trek one porter short and this was his replacement.  He was delighted to have his first grown up job.  The people of the hill tribes are small and children usually look much younger than they are, I certainly hope so in this case 

Waterfalls were no longer just beautiful to behold, now they were much anticipated showers

Completely hidden at the bottom of a deep ravine these falls and cave were rarely visited by westerners

At the time there were no tracks or trails down to the river


Not all our trekking was through dense jungle.  It was a welcome change to be out in open countryside

Or to enjoy a sunset at the end of a trek

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