St Pierre

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St-Pierre and Miquelon are part of France so you need your passport when visiting from Canada. Entry procedure was very quick and a bit different because every flotilla boat was handed a bottle of wine on arrival (French of course)

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St Pierre is just like a French town transplanted to North America. There is quite a bond with Newfoundland but it is most definitely a different country.

Heavily subsidized by France the prices were very high by Canadian standards. The exception was alcohol and there is reputed to be quite a smuggling trade with Newfoundland.

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This is a bakery, As you walked down the street in the morning there was a delicious smell of French bread everywhere.

We were made as welcome in St Pierre as we were anywhere in Newfoundland. You would think the French wouldn't get excited about Cabot's voyage but there are quite a few Newfoundlanders in St Pierre. Also I suppose tourists are welcome most places.

One evening we were treated to quite a formal reception. The food and wine were the most elegant of the whole trip!





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Kids are the same everywhere and these youngsters had been brought by their teacher to see the boats.

We noticed a large fleet of Optimists sailing in the harbour and were told that sailing is on the high school curriculum. No wonder the French are such good sailors

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