St John's

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The arrival of the flotilla in St  John's was a major event.. We were rafted five deep along the main wharf and hundreds of people came to see the boats.

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The old community of the Battery at the north end of St John's harbour underneath the famous signal hill.

This must be one of the most spectacular and well protected shipping harbours in the world.

The city has a rich seafaring tradition and a great night life in the bars along Water Street.

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Fort Amherst at the entrance to St John's harbour.

Pleasure boats are allowed access to the harbour but there are no real docking facilities except for a small floating wharf in the NE corner. You are allowed to tie up to the main wharf in the NW corner but look out for the big tires and rusty wires.


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Passing through The Narrows leaving St John's harbour.

St John's is a historic city and a "must visit" in any cruiser's itinerary.

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