Northern Peninsula

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Great Cat Arm

This is a deep fiord on the east side of the northern peninsula. It was here I had my first experience of the "Blow Me Downs"

I was woken in the middle of night with the wind about 15 knots, gusting 45. The wind accelerates down the fiord and gusts far above the prevailing conditions.

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Harbour Deep

In 1998 there was a population of about 200 and this ferry was still operating. The community is now deserted.

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The harbour is split in two by a canal. This is a very convenient town to get supplies or have a restaurant cooked meal.

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St Anthony

This town is the regional center for the northern peninsula and the government wharf was very busy because of the thriving shrimp fishery.

Meriah was quickly hemmed in between fishing boats but everyone is good humored and they do their best to fit you in. The harbour is a good anchorage.

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