Manvers Run

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Manvers Run from Nain to Port Manvers is not to be missed but can be challenging.

There is a gap in the detailed charts in the middle of the run so you have to use 4775 and the sailing directions. Time your passage to get to Webb Bay at high tide and the tide will be with you through both rattles. Stay 75ft clear of Rattle Point in the first rattle.

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Approaching the First Rattle

Many charts for Labrador are very short on detail and contain 100 year old data. I found that I used a combination of the charts, cruising guide, sailing directions and advice from other cruisers and local people.


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Looking SW from Hare Point towards the second rattle.

I'm not sure of the technical difference between a "tickle" and a "rattle" but a rattle is usually narrower and involves a fast current.




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Eddy Cliff cove south of Hare Point. One of my favourite anchorage on the Labrador coast.

Entering and leaving Port Manvers is tricky because of Willis Rocks. When leaving, stay above the 103 degree line shown on chart 4763 and you will be clear of the "P.D." rock (if it exists!) Then take a southerly loop about 150ft clear of Willis Rocks (they are visible) DO NOT go NW of Willis Rocks. Repeat the process when entering. I recorded my GPS track for use on the way south.

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