The Rice Terraces of Jatuluih

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Astrologers decide when rice is to be planted.  The cycle begins with the replanting of the bright green shoots selected from the previous harvest.  In the five months between planting and reaping the paddies receive constant attention.

  Worked by countless generations over hundreds of years he rice terraces resemble broad stairs whose steps follow the terrain 

As there are no distinct seasons it is possible to see the complete cycle of rice production in neighbouring paddies

Farmers with adjacent land form agricultural co-operatives, Subaks, to ensure the efficient use of resources.  As there is insufficient rain to water the paddies agricultural co-operatives divide the water fairly amongst their members.  A Canal system made of bamboo pipes, feed  them all

Traditionally the men plant the rice but the whole village turns out to bring in the harvest

At days end the village head man divides the harvest amongst the members of the subak
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