Isle aux Morts

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This was where the 1997 flotilla made landfall in Newfoundland and what a welcome we received. There are two small wharves in Isle aux Morts plus a travel lift dock. We managed to squeeze 75 boats in somehow, this picture shows just part of the flotilla. The local people had set up temporary phones and water supplies and each wharf had an information kiosk just for our benefit.

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The people of Isle aux Morts were delightrd that the flotilla had chosen to visit their town.

When they   discovered that most people wanted showers and laundry, the word went out and we were inundated with offers.


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Sailors will recognize what is happening here. There is a hell of a wind blowing the raft of boats off the wharf, although the photo doesn't show it. You had to winch your boat to the wharf to get on and off.

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This is Burnt Islands just east of Isle aux Morts. There is no wharf suitable for a sail boat but it is a beautiful place to visit by land.


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