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The Moravian mission site

This was as far north as I got in 1999. It had been my goal to see this mission and I just made it before having to turn south

The mission site was abandoned in 1959 when the Government decided it could no longer provide support.

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I anchored just north of the northern Dog Island. I was told it is possible to get closer in between the islands but it looked very shallow to me. The wharf shown on chart 4765 does not exist.

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The mission building is still in reasonable condition and there had been some work done to stabilize it. I understand that since I visited in 1999 more restoration work has been done and even cruise ships visit

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You can still see remains of garden frames against the building facing south.

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A meeting room, still in excellent condition

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A Caribou herd had taken over one of the buildings as a barn. I got quite a fright because I hadn't seen any Caribou until I approached the door and then nearly got trampled as they stampeded out.

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The Caribou wander between the buildings

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I imagine it is the grass which attracts the herd to the site. It looked like good grazing

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