Grand Bank

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The above photo shows the festive atmosphere in Grand Bank when the flotilla came to town. Look at the people lining the wharf! Half the flotilla went to nearby Fortune and half came here to Grand Bank. Fortune is also an excellent harbour with a marine service center and a travel lift.

There are some wonderfully preserved old houses in Grand bank and a trip round the Heritage  Walk is well worth it.

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Taken on a quieter day in September 2000.

Floating wharves like these are starting to appear more often in Newfoundland. They are often crowded with small boats but offer the luxury of not having to adjust your lines for the tide.

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The main wharf on the west side is a bit exposed to the north east but the harbour is well protected overall.

The small building on the far left has showers which can be made available through the harbour manager.

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This building and the exhibits inside make Grand Bank a "must visit" whether traveling by land or sea. It is the Seamen's Museum and was originally the Yugoslav pavilion at Expo '67 in Montreal.

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