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 A Bai autonomous prefecture where the local Bai and Yi people still prefer to wear their colourful costumes and headdresses even when working in the fields.  The City is small and attractive with its cobbled street, old stone houses and city walls


 'Over the Bridge Noodles' Each diner has a large bowl of steaming broth to which they add the contents of seven little dishes of meat and fish, seven little dishes of spices, pickles fruit and quail egg and a bowl of noodles, stir to cook through and voila, a veritable feast

Foreigner street at night

Dali is  great city in which to relax and take a break



Xizhou ( Happy) Village


Xizhou has 200 national heritage listed private houses dating from the Qing Dynasty

Craftsmen from Xizhou were famous throughout Southeast Asia.   They travelled to Vietnam, Myanmar and throughout Southwest China to build and decorate houses with and spacious courtyards The streets were covered with fava beans waiting for vehicles to crush them

  Lake Erhai

Village on the shores of Lake Erhai


Cute duo fascinated by their image on Bill's video screen


'Smoking' chocolate biscuits.  They look so proficient, I hope they haven't tried the real thing


Local Bai fishermen preparing to take us on to the lake in their traditional fishing boats

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