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We had been making for Fatehpur Sikri but the festival of Eid following the end of Ramadan had ground the city into gridlock.  We sat in the car in the heat of the day for an hour before reluctantly deciding to give up and go to Bharatpur.  Fortunately we had a great recommendation for this little guest house, the Falcon.  It lived up to its hype, the food was very good and we laughed a lot with the family
We really enjoyed our time in this laid back little city.  We took a cycle rickshaw around the streets and visited the Fort with Jim Carey (just joking Madam) and decided to go to the Keoladeo Ghana National Park next day

Lohagarh the Iron Fort

Keoladeo Ghana National Park
We were not having much luck.  The monsoon had failed yet again and there were no flocks of the rare Siberian Crane, for which the park became famous.   Once hundreds of pairs wintered here but the last pair failed to return in 2003.  We saw very few birds
Once the shooting preserve of Maharajas,  now birds and wildlife and not so wildlife safely roam.  We did see deer, blue bulls, jackals, mongoose and a variety of small birds.  Best by far was the lack of traffic, pollution and noise as we rode around with another cycle rickshaw driver guide.    In other words it was a complete respite from 'incredible' hectic India.
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