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 Ceremonies were being held at the side of the road before setting off on foot for the temple
The temple of Besakih, the largest and most sacred temple of Bali, stands on the slopes of Mount Agung the Seat of the Gods
Besakih comprises 86 or so temples within 22 temple complexes on seven terraces.   Flight after flight of elaborate steps lead up through the complex Magnificent ornately carved split gates lead into the sanctuaries

It is also known as the Mother Temple as it houses the ancestral shrines of all Hindu Balinese

Within the paramount sanctuary there are tiny lodges and pagodas with layered roofs (merus) as well as seats for  the gods , Brahma, Vishnu, and Siwa .  There are no statues of the gods who are represented by the colours, red- Brahma, black - Vishnu and White - Siva

Non worshipers are not allowed into the temple grounds                

Temples are generally empty except during ceremonies












                               Gunung Agung

In February 1963 following the Eka Dasu Rudra sacrifice which takes place every 100 years, Gunung Agung erupted killing over a thousand people and  destroying most of the islands crops with its volcanic ash
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