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Enjung Beji Resort

Delightful bungalows in lovely gardens right next door to Ulun Danu.  Each bungalow stands over its own lotus pond.  If you decide to stay here bring a sweat shirt as it is quite cool.  It  is also shrouded in mist for a lot of the time, but is wonderfully peaceful and a real change of pace from Ubud, not to mention Kuta

Ulun Danu











  Set in beautiful gardens and surrounded by mountains. 
On Sunday it'a
favourite spot for Balinese families
Hire one of these boats and row out into the lake.
  You can also rent a power boat, please don't!

Not the easiest way to do the laundry but surely there can be no more peaceful laundry room

Ulun Danu  5.55am  -  By 6.00am. the clouds are gathering                          

Ulun Danu 6.05am.  The light came quickly and with it heavy mist and cloud

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