Angutausugevik River

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I have my friend Chris in Groais II to thank for telling me about this spot. It is east of Cape Kiglapait, near the head of Tessiujak Bay. Use chart 4763. Depths are OK through Avakutak Bay but keep clear of Sutton Island   There is a shoal sticking out from the headland just past the one building marked on the chart west of Sutton Island

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The anchorage is in the bay immediately north of a narrow peninsula. The river mouth to the south of the peninsula is shoal.

It is unusual for this far north with a sand beach, grass and trees - a beautiful spot.

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There is a great walk up the river to Frank Lake. The bush is very thick so the best way is to scramble up the lower slopes of the hill to the north.

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Looking back downriver towards the mouth. You can see that the river mouth is shoal!

This is an Arctic Char river and the fish return to the lake to spawn like salmon.

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It is worth scrambling through the bush to reach this spot where the lake drains into the river

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This must be quite a sight during the spring run off.

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I enjoy single-handed sailing for places like this, alone in remote areas.

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