American Tickle

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This is a tight anchorage in the bight on the east side of American Island. Room for only two boats but there is depth to swing right up to the shore.

In the background is the deserted community of Seal Island.

The detail on chart 4702 provides good detail of this area.

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Seal Island looking south towards American Tickle.

There is a good anchorage and a wharf in the bay on the south side of Seal Island. Keep to port to avoid the two submerged rocks shown 4702. "The Harbour" on the NW side is shoal.


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Seal Island community is deserted but one or two families return for a few weeks in the summer. This is the church which is still in reasonable condition.

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One of the former residents, back for a summer holiday. He was the last person married in the church in 1963.

The church also served as a summer school and you can still see lessons written on a blackboard.

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