Walk to The Tidal Overlook and on to Squeaky Beach

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Over the bridge to begin our climb to Tidal River Lookout

The river is brown - purple in colour, due to all the tea trees along it's banks


    It appears blue today because of the reflected sky

Grass trees with seed pods             

Lilly Pilly Gully's 600-metre boardwalk from the trail


Norman Bay to Leonard Bay and Norman Island

 Speaking of Tea Trees, here is an Arch of them

Tidal River Overlook


Quiet Place

Just steps off the main Tidal River Trail is a memorial to Park Rangers worldwide who lost their lives in the line of duty

The weather changes rapidly on the Prom, we never started and ended a walk in the same conditions.  Menacing black clouds roll in from the ocean and settle on the hills very quickly but blue skies and fluffy white clouds follow just as quickly

We were always expecting showers but none came.  We climbed to Quiet Place twice in the hope of seeing the vista in brilliant sunshine but it didn't happen

The trail goes over the headland between Norman and Leonard Bays

Norman Bay and Mt. Oberon


Leonard Bay with Squeaky Beach


It squeaks when you walk on it because it's composed of rounded grains of almost pure quarts which rub together and squeak.  To squeak the sand  must be dry, so head for the dunes

What was that about a strong under tow ?



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