Making Progress -The Bedroom

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Clean and fresh and ready to serve as a temporary bedroom

Sept 3rd It's going to get worse before it gets better

Not A Pretty Sight.  "It's All Coming Down" but not yet                                  

The black is the completely rotted out corner frame

The corners of this style of aluminium clad trailers are always vulnerable.  We will have to come up with a better leak proofing solution than the manufacturers did

Left hand side of demolished closet            


Right hand side of closet

             Right hand closet at ceiling

Close up of damage to the closet ceiling above                                 


That's all we can do this year.  Hopefully it will be dried out by May 2015

From my least favourite job so far,  to one I really enjoyed doing.   Refinishing a Kijiji bargain, a desk for the living room

Autumn mornings with mist on the river are beautiful but they foreshadow the end of the season
There is a lot to be done to pack up and put the trailers and gardens to bed.  Especially so with trailers of this type.   Having worked so hard to get this far we were determined to protect the investment.  An ugly assortment of tarps was erected,  hopefully they will keep more water from getting in and allow things to dry out.  Come next Fall we will probably need the photos to figure out what went where  


We checked several times over the winter and come Spring there had been no leaks

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