Early Days

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 Aug 16th  Taking care of business                                        


Removing ramp and replacing rotted wood at river entrance


Aug 17th    All Hands On Deck Daniel Loves  Demo                       

Deck boards laid on interior ply - that's a first


Taking A Break With Buddy

Samantha's favourite job, replacing flooring

Samantha and Ame on Cleaning detail

Their priority to get Florida Room ready to use as temporary bedroom                     


Aug 18th    Framing with  less manpower

Aug 23rd   Samantha cutting boards to size in gazebo, guys attaching to frame

Aug 26th    Steps and skirting


Since Day 1 whenever we  have some spare time we like to work on the gardens.  Rock hunting is a favourite pastime

             Aug 30th - Labour Day Weekend - Begin Mojo containment project 

Meanwhile Mo relaxes next door

September 9th - Guantanamojo,  Mojo's Containment Area.   Gravel spread, garden bed laid out.   Now we just have to convince him it's not for digging in

Installing gutter and downspout to help prevent leaks and rainwater washing away the trailers underpinnings

All done out here until next season

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