The Story of Walli's Weir

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How We Made  A Silk Purse Out Of A Sows Ear    August 2014 To September 2016

           June 2014 Walli's Weir From Across The River

Picture Perfect Day June 21st

Walli tells us she has decided to sell, we will be sad to see her go                 

Entrance Deck

Samantha and Paul were interested.     It didn't look too bad, if we didn't look too closely

          Original shed, party fence with Pat and Dave

            Side Yard and Florida Room

River Deck

New 8'x8' Gazebo, essential as there is no shade on the river front

        The corners will be the problem

Caulked Repair

Tape and Screw repair                                 

The state of exterior gave cause for concern

Tip out filled with foam







Failed tip out corner caulk repair

Oh My Goodness                                       

Samantha and Paul eventually agreed a price, made an offer and closed August 9th

             We had walked though with Walli but this was our first chance to examine the interior and make plans.  The interior looked better but there were signs of mould and rot lurking in the walls and floor


 Kitchen work space way too small, Bunk room will  be demolished to extend kitchen


Bedroom complete with mould and mothballs


Farewell ugly 1990's patterned Luan, hello brightening white paint

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