Freycinet National Park

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Tasmania's first and most spectacular National Park    -     Campground Facilities *  Location *****     

We phoned ahead and booked site 31 on the flat compacted dunes with bush on either side.  We set up in the failing light then sat on our own private steps to the beach and watched the setting sun.   Someone had decorated the steps with oyster shells.  At Easter and in Summer and Autumn sites are allocated by ballot

Cooking supper by the lantern I sensed something behind me,  as I turned, my head light picked up four red eyes and ears, I immediately thought Tasmanian devils but they were only brazen opportunistic brush-tailed possums looking for a free dinner.  After supper we went for a walk in the moonlight.   Location - location - location

'Saddle Bench' Designed and Constructed By School of Architecture Students

Wine glass Bay on the left and Freycinet Peninsula

Wineglass Bay

Took the 5 hour walk up the Hazards, over the Saddle between Mt Amos and Mt Mayson and down to the beach. There we met a cute Bennett's Wallaby successfully talking visitors into feeding him despite the signage

     Bennett's Wallaby.  'Please Do Not Feed'

This little guy must have thought he was on to a good thing, much better than grazing for bits of grass etc at dusk and risk ending up as road kill.  Everyone happy to see him and quite prepared to feed him as he moseyed along in the mid afternoon sun.  Quite a long way back but easy walking along the shoreline

An Encounter with Joe Blake

There were few people on the path down to Hazard Beach but there was a logjam.  Eventually someone would gingerly continue on.   When it was almost our turn I asked what the deal was,  to be told it was only one of the worlds most venomous snakes.  This Black Tiger snake was a bit of a disappointment he was a dull scaly black with flecks of pale olive, not at all what the name suggests.   I told Tony not to antagonize it and to get me a good picture.  It was a one shot deal and he safely joined me on the other side

Last walk on Richardson's aka 'our' beach


Heading for the ferry

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