Noosa Heads - Surfers Paradise

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Everyone we met had said we must go and everyone was right.  It's fabulous with "water water everywhere".  It's on the Pacific Ocean, has a wide river, many lakes, canals and lagoons.  No wonder some enterprising person had imported a Venetian gondola

Noosa River Caravan Park where the river flows out into the Sound

We arrived on the Anzac Day long weekend, the Queensland Easter   'schoolies' were coming to an end so we expected the Municipal Campground on the river at Noosaville to be busy and it was.  Campsites with  river frontage are booked a year in advance for this holiday weekend, we were offered a site in a densely packed area behind the prime sites

The place was heaving with backpackers, there to surf and party.  As we older ladies were going for our bedtime showers at 9,00pm the girls were getting glammed up for a night on the town

A coveted river site in front of us became available next morning and I rushed to the office to request it before anyone beat me to it.  We didn't at all mind moving our gear to a prime bit of Noosaville riverfront 

We sat happily for hours in front of our tent on the 15' of grassy sand dune between us and the narrow strip of beach.  With children playing at the waters edge and

All kinds of craft ply the river from little fishing 'tinnies' to great big party boats.  If we were lucky it was the jazz cruise going by.  It started in the morning with the rowers and deep sea fishing tours, later in the day the ferries, sailboats, gondola and anything else that could float

A fleet of pelicans alternated between a sandbar in the middle of the river, cruising the waters and visiting the beach where they hoped to pick up some free samples from the fishermen cleaning their catch.   Our 3 nights quickly became 5 and Byron Bay was relegated to a drive by

Occupying our prime waterfront site.  Tony reading, what was the world coming to?

All along the river is parkland with BBQ's and picnic tables, some beautiful set for the holiday barbie with of course, lots of good Aussie wine and beer.  Lots of good restaurants too

Pacific Black Duck.  Looking for dinner?        


Sole Surfer seen from the headland walk Noosa National Park



Noosa National Park

Hells Gate to Alexandria Bay another unofficial  clothing optional  aka nude beach 

Hats off to the Noosa Lifeguards, this one looks as if he has his hands full this Anzac Day with crowds of children in the surf on Noosa Beach. 

We walked around the headland and watched the rather crowed but more serious holiday surfers

 A little further round it was much  less frantic


Time to move on, we are heading out of Queensland to our first experience of rural New South Wales.   We have loved out time in Noosa Heads
   Queensland Gold Coast - Surfers Paradise

The same people who told us to go to Noosa also told us to give Surfers a miss but we just couldn't pass it by.   Possibly because of it's bad press we quite liked it, for an hour or two

Having read about 'Australian Kitsch', we were thrilled to be passing the Big Prawn
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