Nha Trang

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Po Nagar on Cu Lao Mountain Overlooking Nha Trang

The oldest Hindu tower here was rebuilt by the Cham in 781 another is dated  918.  They are still used for worship and visited by groups of schoolchildren who busily copy the inscriptions on stones around the complex

Ganesh Temple                              



                            The custodian

The view towards Nha Trang from the towers is a bonus

Nha Trang

Gauntama Buddha presiding over the city of Nah Trang from his lotus leaf at Hi Duc Pagoda

Tiny Hon Do (Red)  Island with it's Buddhist temple Hon Chong Promontory in the background

Hon Chong Promontory is a narrow promontory jutting into the South China Sea.  It is a great place to watch the fishing boats returning to Nha Trang and to see the fish being prepared to be laid out to dry.  We set off early as fishermen like to get an early start

Cycling around the promontory


Shoppers and traders also make an early start
  Fishing boats returning to Nha Trang


Could this be a shark?                                                 


Fish drying on flakes


 Cruise to Phu Hai Island                             

The Beach at Nha Trang

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