Mekong Delta

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Drove to the Delta and boarded a boat to Coconut (Phoenix) Island to visit the site of the former sanctuary of Dao Dua (Coconut Monk) He founded his Tihn Do Cu Si religion here in 1963.   Based on Christianity and Buddhism it had world peace as it's objective.   At one time he was said to have up to 4000 followers.   All there is to see now are the very shabby and neglected remains of his Utopia.   The Cao Dai movement was much more successful

Guess who is allergic to coconuts?                                          

Shades of Cao Dai in the columns on the floating prayer platform

The 3.5 m high urn below contains plaques honouring the monk, his ideas and his following.   The Apollo rocket tower, who knows?  To it's right is a tower representing North Vietnam, it twin represents the south a bridge unifies them.  This did not play well with either side and each in turn  incarcerated him at various times.  During the war he was ignored as long as he stayed on his island in '1975 his religion was declared a cult and banned.  I wish I had known this at the time, but I didn't, so failed to appreciate what I was seeing.   Next stop the charming snakes

The flat but green, lush and once more fertile countryside flashed by on the bus journey but life along the Mekong was interesting

An extra pair of eyes on a sometimes hazardous river                       

 Dragons have long been venerated by the riverine Vietnamese

















                    Delta Ducks


There were many 1st's on our 2nd trip to Asia, this day there were two,  a mad monk and a floating village
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