Thamel Kathmandu

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Where to stay in a strange city is always a quandary.  But in Kathmandu there was no question, we could all remember the swinging sixties and the Beatles.  It had to be Thamel and we were well pleased with our choice.  Everything a traveller needs is right there.  We even got to stay in the Beatles old digs.  The Kathmandu Guesthouse a former Rana mansion converted into a hotel in 1967

 In those days it had a mere 13 room and now boasts 121.   I don't want to mislead, it looks to be a veritable palace in the photo but in truth the rooms can best be described as a little 'tired'.  However the location, the amenities, the people and the price are all just right.  Uttam Phuyal the Operations Manager is a lovely man who made our stay very pleasant.  We even forgave him for telling us that it never rains in Kathmandu 



We set off hopefully to find Durbar Square and ended up here.  I wasn't convinced, I seemed to remember tales of palaces etc. but we didn't have a guide book.  Uttam later confirmed this is not Durbar Square but Kathesimbhu Monastery


The Kathesimbhu Stupa is a copy of the more
famous Swayambhu and possibly made from earth and stone left over from the original

When is a Sadu not a Sadu


As such is confers the same blessings on the old and the lame as would a pilgrimage to the 'real' Swayambhu Stupa

and how do you tell the difference?

Bhaktapur "City of Devotees"

The pouring rain with thunder and lightening finally abated.   The weather didn't look too promising but this would be our only chance to see it

Durbar Square with the Palace of the 55 windows built in 1754, The Golden Gate and King Bhupatindra Mella sitting on his pillar. There are three Durbar Squares in the Kathmandu Valley each being the capital of a rival King.  They strove to outdo each other in the field of architecture and art.  This Durbar Square is very spacious, having lost many buildings in an earthquake in the 1930's


Sadly another quake in 2015 killed 300 and injured some 2000 more


 Over 30,000 houses and 116 monuments were seriously damaged.  By 2020, close to 80% of the restoration and reconstruction has been completed

Nagh Pother
If you were royalty in 17th century Bhaktapur this inner courtyard pool at the Palace of 55 windows would be your spa



The gilded head of the Snake God Vasjki presides over the pool.  Beneath him is the tap through which flowed water brought from the mountains along seven miles of conduit


     Another beautifully adorned flight of steps

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