Bago 2005

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We came to Bago on the train from Yangon.  It was our first experience of the rocky narrow gauge track.  When we booked our tickets in Yangon we were told all fares were calculated from Yangon.   If you break your journey , next time you board the train the fare will be the full rate from Yangon to Mandalay

You will never starve in Myanmar, there is always someone on hand to serve you delicious food

We hired Myo Min Han and Zaw Moe Hein to ferry us around in their trishaws.  They were good natured and we enjoyed our time with them and they took us to a Pwe which was a bonus.  They were amongst the hoard of drivers meeting the trains

Kha Khat Wain Kyaung


The largest monastery in Bago and the third largest in the country.   You are welcome to explore the vast monastery and grounds.  Which is what we did


Contemplation and study or nap time?             

The novices collect alms at dawn

                        Consecration hall

               Lay people come in to cook                         



Home to 1200 monks,  many people come at 10:30 am to view them eating lunch.   We preferred to come in the afternoon when we were alone to wander around


             Dormitory the monks sleep on the floor                                


 Dining Hall

The Great Reclining Shwethalyaung Buddha

Reputedly the most beautiful reclining Buddha in Myanmar.  As the eyes are wide open it is claimed that this is Buddha in a relaxing mode rather than in death.  Built in 994, for 500 years it lay deteriorating beneath the jungle.  It surfaced again in 1881 when the new railroad was being built

It was completely renovated  gilded and painted in 1948



The mosaics were added to the tower of pillows in the 1030's.  Around the back of the Buddha is a series of painted reliefs telling the story of it's construction

                   Someone seems unimpressed with the Buddha's mighty statistics                                               



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