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Shortly after our visit in 2000 the town changed it's name back to the local Dukezong.  Now thanks to a desire to make the town more attractive to tourists it is officially called Shangri la

In January of 2014 a massive fire tragically destroyed 50% of the old town


The Tibet Hotel or Yongshen Bingguan (Eternal Life) as it is known locally
Traditional wooden style homes in the oldest part town
Our lovely waitress posed in full Tibetan costume in the hotel coffee shop.  She is  actually Naxi from Lijiang

At a Small Temple in the old quarter an elderly monk met us at the steps, offered incense to burn and showed us around his temple
Mrs Ma Zhu demonstrated the making of barley wine.  The smell of the barley was overpowering
Yi women in their incredible black headdresses
  I almost expected a gust of wind to carry them aloft

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