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There is an old Chinese saying:

'The scenery of Guilin is the best under heaven but that of Yangshuo is even better', and so it is

Cycling around Yangshuo has to be a highlight of any trip to North Guangxi

We were met in town by Mrs Zhou who had rented bicycles for us and escorted us to Moon Village where her husband was to have lunch waiting.    We spent almost as much time off our bicycles, taking photographs as we did on them, the scenery is stunning as predicted. by the old Chinese who writes the sayings 


As we cycled along Mrs Zhou identified characters trapped in the shape of the rocks.  Amongst them are camels, elephants monkeys and horses,  Hampered by my western mind I was often at a loss to see the resemblance

Once again Jasmine had found the perfect local guide


Ploughing, harvesting carrots and planting rice,  in the traditional back breaking way



Moon Hill



The Zhou Family

Yu Long (Meet Dragon Village)
Legend has it that one day an old dragon escaped from heaven and settled beside this bridge.   He was frightened off by a passing farmer and flew away


Senior reception committee

Junior reception committee

A seriously bucolic village, especially in Springtime
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