Ubud 2005

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Purification Ceremony Prior to the Anniversary and Re-Dedication of A Temple
Odalan, is the celebration of the anniversary of a temples dedication.  All temples hold these events regularly.   Some follow the lunar calendar others the 210 day ceremonial calendar.  Like all Balinese ceremonies, it is never solemn.  It's a joyous occasion where everyone chats jokes and laughs, children run around enjoying the party   


Everyone was in his or her community ceremonial dress.
For women that consisted of matching sarongs with lace tops in white or a rainbow of colours over strapless bras or merry widows, very elegant
The men wore elaborate layered sarongs in silks and braided satin as well as cotton. They topped this off with white or off white short sleeved fitted jackets or shirts and headdresses.  Temple officials were kitted out in a black and white check sarong over a longer black one with a fitted black short-sleeved jacket. Most sported a walkie-talkie and a ceremonial (I hope) dagger.  Respectful visitors are most welcome to attend.  Sarongs, sashes and head scarves are to be worn by all and they will gladly loan them to you


Priest blesses the Rejang and Baris dancers before their performance

Rejang is a sacred temple dance to be seen only in the inner courtyard during a temple anniversary festival.  Typically only the most beautiful of young women perform Rejang
  It is performed as an offering to the Gods who have momentarily visited the shrine.   The dance’s steps and gestures are simple. The dancers move slowly and deliberately to the shrine, holding their sashes


The word Baris means line, as in a line of soldiers, and refers to the warriors who fought for the kings of Bali.  Baris is a religious ritual dance which can be a solo performance or a group of 8 to 20 dancer it is to be seen at temple festivals.  While the Rejang are beautiful the Baris must be ferocious
Offerings of all sorts of food from a cooked pigs head to a newborn piglet held in the palm of a hand and squealing as only a piglet can

The offerings were on their way to this pavilion where the beautifully crafted beast above is the centerpiece

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