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Being unable to decide whether to stay in Imerovigli of Oia  we settled on both. In Oia we stayed at Zoe Aegeas a collection of apartments and studios around the caldera.  This is the Aegeas group, 1  apartment and 2 studios around a common courtyard.  The steps lead up over the roof of the house and on to the marble path which runs through the town

The houses in Oia tend to be brighter in colour that elsewhere.  Yannis at Zoe Aegeas tells us there is an official palate of traditional colours to choose from.  At Zoe they choose from the more dramatic end of the range.   As well as the brightest of blue and ochre they have wonderful rust coloured houses

Fashion Shoot

Many visitors stop along the path to look over the wall and smile at our little enclave.  This morning there were more than the usual number of admirers.

When we arrived our taxi driver called ahead to Yannis at Zoe Aegeus to arrange to have someone meet us and carry our luggage down to our apartment


Odos Nikolaou Nomikou  a long name for a very narrow inland pedestrian way.   When we left at 5.00am someone arrived as promised to haul our bags back up.  There are only 30 taxi's on the island so it is usual to have to share a ride to and from the airport.  All parties paying the full fare, this is common in Greece

Taken part way down the 214 steps to the  quaint fishing village of Ammoudi

The village of Ammoudi

A great place to come for lunch at the restaurants along the waters edge.  Walking  down the steps in the heat of the day is taxing.  Getting back even more so. Many visitors take the local donkey taxi

Although  faithfully reconstructed and designated  as a 'traditional settlement' there are still areas which remain uninhabited since the earthquake

In the bright light of day it is hard to imagine that the town is reputedly haunted and home to vampires!


As in Fira, what goes up has to come down

And visa versa

The doors of Oia no two the same?

A fisherman's door?

Wall art in a Zoe Aegeus courtyard

Behind the lovely old doors of Oia once lived 9000 residents and almost all of them were mariners and their families.  This changed dramatically after the earthquake of 1956

The ruins on the hill are called the Castle but were in fact a mansion

The shopping on Santorini is excellent

The store above specialized in items from Asia and was one of our favourite,   The owner was quite happy to discuss his travels along the old Silk Road in search of thing to bring back to Santorini.   Elsewhere there were any number of beautiful items made by craftsmen from around the world who have settled on Santorini.  Spectacular glass, pottery and jewellery all displayed with great flair.   Many items we would have loved to own but didn't even have the nerve to ask the price of.


The puppet makers store, another favourite


Iconic Santorini Bell tower

The barrel roofed skafta cave houses have been faithfully rebuilt using traditional materials and construction methods.  They are now however built to withstand earthquakes like the last one which registered 7.8 on the Richter scale

The Hanging garden of Oia

Hostelry in a renovated windmill.  When the wind blows from a favourable  direction they sometimes hoist the sails which must be a sight to see


A last look at the town in the late afternoon light.  We waited here every evening at the appointed time but never saw the famous Oia sunset.

Jean and I enjoy a glass of local wine before going out for a last supper at '1800'

Our shared taxi arrived as promised at 5.30

Although we have  been married to brothers for decades, we have always lived too far apart to spend much time together.  It has been wonderful sharing this trip with Jean.  Next day we flew to Istanbul and more memorable times
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