Hong Kong

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View of Central, Hong Kong Island taken from the Causeway Bay Typhoon Harbour.  Victoria Peak emerges from the mist in the background,  the Victorian Clock Tower, Kowloon,  now part of a post-modern cultural center and Hong Kong Park
Hong Kong Park

Located in the middle of Centrals banking district, on the site of the old Victoria Barracks.   With it's fountain plaza, waterfall, aviary, botanical gardens and mosque style observation tower, the  park is a welcome splash of greenery between the skyscrapers and the mountains

One of the cheapest and best ways to tour Hong Kong Island is to ride the tram.   Although the trams seats 48 passengers on two levels, at rush hour upwards of a hundred or more may squeeze aboard.  Take from Causeway Bay to the end of the line and catch the #14 bus to Stanley
In 1937 the British built a prison in Stanley little imagining that they themselves would be occupying it as guests of the Japanese
Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter
A jumble of sampans and junks
Tea time on a sampan, Noel Coward would approve
Visiting the neighbours who were engaged in the making of wire baskets and mending the fishing nets
Tiger Balm Gardens

Built in 1935 by Aw Boon Haw of 'Tiger Balm' fame  at a cost of HK$ 16 million, they are within walking distance of Causeway Bay Gaudy concrete, a monument to bad taste, oh yes, I could tell I was going to fit right in.  The concrete was crumbling and the paint peeling, we enjoyed it enormously





Getting around got a lot easier in 1994 with the opening of the Hillside Escalator Link, Travelator for short. 

It was designed to beat the crush of traffic up to the well to do residential areas on the Mid-Levels

Within minutes of leaving their office towers residents can be in the Mid-Levels.  We rode section after section, crossing roads before continuing to the next level.  Exiting we walked to the May Tram Terminus and continued up the Peak via the Peak Tramway.  Exchanging transport technology of the 1990's for that of the 1880's
At an elevation of 1,805' the night time panorama is unforgettable

From our first visit in 1994 to our latest in 1998 there had been an amazing amount of development in the cityscape below

The Peak Tramway is really a funicular railway. two cars with one driver are pulled and lowered by 5000' of steel cable.  Despite the dramatic incline there has never been an accident
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