Hoi An

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The Old Quarter seemed like a good place to experiment with my first ever roll of black and white film.

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Portuguese explorers came here in the early 16th century followed by the Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, English and French.  making Hoi An a cultural center where the East met the West.

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The Old Quarter is a blend of temples. pagodas, community and clan houses , shops and homes.   A living museum.

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Mother and daughter share breakfast at a street vendors in the old quarter.


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Japanese Bridge

Soundly built in 1593 by the Japanese community to with-stand earthquakes. common in Japan, but unknown in Vietnam.  Built into the bridge is a small temple.


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Chuc Thanh Pagoda

The oldest pagoda in Hoi An..  Now home to 5 monks.

Unesco funded a restoration programme to preserve Hoi An's ancient quarters and monuments.  This pagoda the  Japanese bridge and many other buildings have been restored because of this initiative.

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Foot surgery being performed in the market square.  Without anesthetic judging by the expression on the patients face.

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Shrimping on the Thu Bon river.

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Family wood business on the Thu Bon river.  For  two centuries this was one of S.E. Asia's premier ports. When the mouth of the river began silting up another port was built on the Han river at Danang.

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A little one,  too young to work plays on the deck of the barge,  looked after by an older sister.

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Women conducting the business of the fish market.

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Talking hats

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Water taxis for hire by the fish market.  Take a trip and explore the  river.   The young women were delightful company.

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Waiting for custom on the water taxi.

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Although we gave them bubbles to take home for their children, they could not resist trying them out themselves.

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Small craft made of woven bamboo are used as tenders to reach the fishing boats.

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