Henley Harbour

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This area should really be Chateau Bay but everyone calls it Henley Harbour.

These Mesa style hills on Henley and Castle Islands are unique along this coast.

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The vertical cliffs on Henley Island

The bays close to the old town - Henley Harbour and Antelope Harbour - are a bit exposed for overnight if there is a SW wind forecast. The best anchorages are in Pitts Harbour (anything except a SE wind) or Chateau in the SE corner of Temple Bay (good in a SW wind) There is a wharf on Stage Island - see next page.

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The old abandoned town of Henley Harbour is a must see on this part of the coast.

The houses are boarded up and mainly in good condition.

It felt very strange to be wandering round on my own with the sound of the wind and the gulls.

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This is the church which seems to be in perfect condition and still has all it's furniture including pews etc.

The line of stones leads over the hill to the cemetery


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I always find the cemeteries very evocative in these deserted communities.

In Henley Harbour every grave marker had the name Stone.

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This broken grave marker says it all.

The name Stone is very common in Dorsetshire England. This immigrant lived for 70 years "on these shores"

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The wharf on the north side of Stage Island is in excellent condition. There is good depth on the north and east sides. With careful rafting there is room for about ten boats. It is quite well protected except from the north.

You need a dinghy to get to the main town site.



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A spectacular iceberg off Chateau Bay. This is a single berg, connected under water.

In 1999 I rendezvoused here with Chris and Anni on Groais II to take photos.

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Meriah sailing rather too close to an iceberg for sake of photography

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Now it is Groais II's turn.

I was using a polarizing filter which makes it look a completely different day

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Meriah and Groais II rafted together off Chateau in Temple Bay in 1999.

Temple Bay is very deep and this is the the best overnight anchorage. Even here you must pick your spot carefully. The bay shoals rapidly to a 30ft ledge which gives room to swing if the wind turns north.

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Supper with Chris and Anni on Groais II. Chris displays the barbecued shrimp while I open the champagne!

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