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Formerly the French Ministry of Information this elegant colonial building now houses the Museum Of Fine Arts.  The collection is mostly contemporary folk art, engravings, sculpture, and lacquer ware.

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Here on the second floor are exhibited traditional crafts.


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Temple of Literature

Statue of Confucius to whom the temple was dedicated. In 1070. 

Seven years later the School of The Elite of the Nation, Vietnam's first university was established, to educate the sons of Mandarins.

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Eighty two surviving stelae sitting on the backs of stone tortoise, record the names, place of birth and scholastic record of it's doctoral students from 1442-1779

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Lake of the Restored Sword, Vietnams 'Excalibar".

 In the background,  on a tiny island is the Temple of the Jade Mound.  Reached from the shore via the red arched Sunbeam Bridge

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Bicycles, pedal and motorized are the main mode of transportation.  Girl passengers   usually ride side saddle even when not wearing their traditional long dresses.


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It is probably considered undignified for the police to ride around with umbrellas up.

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Sidewalk barbers shop.

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Long lines of Vietnamese school children line up to visit the tomb of Ho Chi Minh. Since the passing of the old guard no national figure has emerged to lead Vietnam in peacetime

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Non Vietnamese enter on the other side where an honour guard waits to escort them in silence past the glass covered embalmed body of Ho Chi Minh.  He died in 1969 at age 79.

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Square bashing in front of a statue of Lenin.

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The young recruit.

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Water Puppets, an art form unique to Vietnam, begins with a musical prelude using traditional instruments.

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The Chu Teu (narrator)


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Harvest Festival.

A scene depicting the return of students after graduation.  The puppeteers stand in the water behind the bamboo curtain manipulating the puppets by poles under the water.

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The puppeteers of the Thang Long Troupe taking a well deserved bow.  It was a wonderful evening.


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