Still Growing Together

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The children are aged between 3 and 6 and are adorable.  They knew and could read and write some  English and could respond to simple questions with a short sentence but were not yet able to hold a conversation.  As might be expected they understand a lot more than they spoke.   I worked with them on building their vocabulary and conversation skills

Sparrow teaching written English

At 3 years old, Tone Tone on the left was the youngest

The very studious very flexible PoPo Chit

Learning to write their native language with T Tar

Htet 0 Wai Yan

Soe Soe San

Soe San Paye

Interspersed with ‘work’ are yoga sessions, games, stories in the library and art projects.   Furnishings and equipment are practically non- existent but the children do not miss what they never had and have great fun learning with whatever is to hand.    Playtime is their favourite time and they look forward to the day of the week when we play their particular favourite game.  Wednesday is probably the most anticipated with the Memory Game but Tuesdays with Duck Duck Goose is also very popular

More flexibility on display, how I envy them

Three new students Naing Phone Twe, Min Khant & Htut Aung Shine

Popo Chit and Tote Tote
 'Look one hand'

Meditation, La Min is an old hand

 Niang Phone Twe has the right idea

Htut Tae Zar Aung needs a little work

 Pelmanism aka The Memory Game

It must be Wednesday
Four times a day every day the group chose to start the session with  'Good Morning Gorilla' a book my husband Tony brought when he joined me.  So popular was it that we decided to investigate taking everyone to the Yangon Zoo.  Our lessons took on an animal theme and we had a calendar to count down the days.   But that was in the future.   These photos were taken for the Canadian publisher who kindly donated them, they were much appreciated and enjoyed

Art class with T Tar
Time to paint
Colour confusion someone is hedging his bet
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