Grand Bruit

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I visited Grand Bruit (pronounced Grand Brit) with my daughter in September 2000 during a side trip along the Newfoundland south coast from Sydney Nova Scotia. The town is now unoccupied and the population have been resettled.

When we visited it seemed to be  one of the prettiest and best kept outports in the whole of Newfoundland.

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The town is split by this waterfall and there is a series of lakes above the falls. Good walking around here.

The population was about 40 which doubled in the summer. Grand Bruit is unusual in that there are a number of summer residents from outside Newfoundland.

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You could bring your own booze to the "Cramalott Inn" and experience the wonderful Newfoundland hospitality.

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Not only is the church beautifully preserved but so is the firehall next to it.

There are no roads in Grand Bruit and the paths wind between houses with flower beds and well kept lawns.

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We are sitting on the ferry wharf with Meriah in the background.

There is not much room to anchor but you can tie to the ferry wharf on the east side or the fish wharf on the west. The ferry no longer operates.

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