The Central Highlands to Nah Trang

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For our drive from Saigon to Nah Trang via Dalat our tour leader choose the less travelled route thorough the Central Highlands.  It was a great choice with plenty to delight,  we gate crashed a wedding and visited a hill tribe with a giant concrete chicken as it's main claim to fame.  We visited Cham towers and climbed a waterfall.
At a rural wedding reception we unexpected but not unwelcome guests are fed by the bride and groom

She wears the first of her four wedding gowns


Followed by pink

white and silver polka dot

& my favourite a traditional ao dai


Giant Chicken Village 

A giant concrete chicken towers over the village of Lang Con Ca   When the K'ho nomadic hill tribe were being persuaded to make a permanent settlement the powers that be agreed to build them a giant concrete chicken. The reason for this strange sounding request is now lost to all but the most ingenious of tour guides

What ever the truth may be, the local children enjoy scampering in and out of a hole in the chickens rear end   


Villagers  eke out a living growing rice, tobacco, squash, corn and pumpkins.  They also work in the coffee and tea plantations.  Fish are caught using traps and spears coated with substances to stun  the fish

Sons and Daughters of the K'ho Hill Tribe

Dambri Waterfalls

The Road To Cam Ranh


Extracting salt from salt water

Irrigating the fields, a never ending task.   There are ingenious contraptions like these to make the task a little easier
13th Century tower of Po Klong  Garai
View over Nha Trang from the Po Nagar Cham Towers
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