Samui to Bangkok


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Spa Samui on Lanai Beach Koh Samui
From Siem Reap we flew to Koh Samui where I completed a week long fast at Spa Samui, had three hour massages, sociable saunas and took walks on the beach at dawn


Barbara, not wanting to take part in a fasting/cleansing programme was at a bit of a loose end but she gamely ate her way through the surprisingly good and very healthy menu, now that's friendship

Bungalows around the pool Would that all departure gates could be like this


It was a fabulous time to be in Bangkok where they were  celebrating the King's 80th birthday as they had been all year.  Everywhere was covered in royal yellow, swaged with blue, pink red or purple 

Flags flew from every lamppost and building, bunting hung over streets, every few yards along the major streets were larger than life portraits of the King and Queen 

Bangkok Air once again peeked our interest with an article on a birthday tribute to the King from the people of Russia.  There had been a  Royal Gala  performance by the Mariinsky Ballet Company the previous evening to be followed by two more sold out performances for the general public.
We dropped our bags at
Pannee Lodge, a tiny boutique hotel on the edge of Kao San Road and set out to see just how 'sold out' they were
Kao San Road my favourite location for accommodation in Bangkok

Our roof top garden at Pannee Lodge


The Thai Cultural Centre was looking spectacular as befit the occasion and there is a long long story associated with Barbara's images

It's hard to imagine it is almost Christmas in spite of the decorations around the city

Beneath a towering portrait of the King drama and dance performances were taking place

 Jim Thompson's House
Jim Thompson founded the  world famous Thai Silk Company and was rewarded with the Order of the White Elephant for his services to Thailand.   Little has changed at the house since he went for a jungle walk in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia in 1967 and never returned.   His fate remains a mystery

The 'house' completed in 1959 is a complex comprising six traditional Thai-style teak houses,  purchased and brought to their present home from various locations

So endeth our excellent adventure.  
Barbara flew home and I went into Myanmar to begin my time as a volunteer at 'Growing Together' in Yangon


2007/08 Asia Trip Itinerary | Home