Phnom Penh

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The interior compound walls of The Silver Pagoda are covered with murals depicting stories from the Reamker.

The murals were painted in 1903-1904 by a team of students working with artist Vichitre Chea and architect Oknha Tep Nimit Thneak. 

Minor but none the less pretty building.

National Museum circa 1929

Situated next to the Royal Palace.  

Devoted primarily to Angkorian era statues, including the statue of the 'Leper King'.  When I visited the staff were busy crating their treasures for an exhibition in Korea.  I was not sure why as most of the population of South Korea seemed to be at the temples of Angkor in March 2005  

I made sure to be there at sunset to see the droves of Cambodian freetail bats, who live in the rafters, take flight but later learned that they vacated the museum roof when it was renovated in 2002. 


Once again photography is not allowed inside.

"Tops At Night" by Asasax

I had been looking for a painting on our travels through Myanmar and Laos and had nearly given up hope of finding what I wanted when I came across the Asasax Gallery opposite the Museum. 

This is a collage of Acrylic on Silk and I love it though my photograph does not do justice to the rich colour and texture.  

I have since commissioned a triptych from the artist which he completed promptly and couriered to me.  If you are looking for that special souvenir in Phnom Penh, do check out his gallery.

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