Phnom Penh

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Visitors enter the palace grounds via the Chan Chaya or 'Moonlight  Pavilion'  used for classical dance performances addressing crowds or for banquets 

Wat Preah Keo Morokat. circa 1892

The "Silver Pagoda", so called because of the 5329 silver floor tiles.  

Used occasionally for religious and secular ceremonies it houses priceless cultural and religious treasures, most notably the  Emerald Buddha which may be made of Jade or some say Baccarat crystal.  In front of the Emerald Buddha is the standing Maitreya "Buddha of the Future", encrusted with 2086 diamonds.  There is a 25 carat diamond in the crown and a 20 carat diamond embedded in the chest

No photographs are allowed inside the pagoda




Bayon style faces adorn the ornate 59m high tower on the roof of the throne hall. The pillars are topped with flying celestial spirits.



Throne Room circa 1919

Preah Timeang Tevea Vinicchay The primary audience room,  used for coronations and important ceremonial occasions such as the presentation of ambassadorial credentials.

The small building to the left is  the Hor Samran Phirun circa 1914 'The pavilion where one sleeps peacefully.' the King would wait here to mount his elephant for royal processions.  

It now houses gifts from foreign heads of state 

Interior of Throne Room


The thrones at the back of the hall are used just once during each reign, for the coronation.   The Queen sits on the Preah Tineang Bossobok a raised throne at the rear, the King on the Reach Balaing in front.

As the current King has no wife both thrones were unoccupied during his coronation and he sat instead on an ornate chair in front of the thrones

The ceiling is decorated with scenes from the Reamker the Khmer version of the Indian epic tale of the Ramayana.  

The carpet is a gift from China.



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