Plain Of Jars

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There is no excuse for being unaware that there is unexploded ordinance in the vicinity.  

A couple in our group were happy to see their New Zealand tax dollars being put to good use.

Map of the Plain of Jars showing location of bomb drops in relation to the jar field sites.

Purple triangles mark the jar sites.

Black dots the villages 

Red dots the fighter bomber strikes 

Tiny red dots B52 bomber strikes

During the so called "Secret War"  from 1964 to 1973  the US dropped over 6 million conventional bombs and an estimated  100 million cluster bombs on Northern and Southern Laos 




Give these markers a wide berth. They indicate the presence of MAG, ( Mines Advisory Group) who are  attempting to remove all remaining ordinance.  

The US flew the equivalent of one bombing mission every eight minutes ‘round the clock, for nine years 

When the war ended,  tens of thousands of Lao villager returned from the caves, forests and refugee camps to find their homes completely destroyed.  They had to  rebuild and cultivate crops with their bare hands on land which was in reality an unmarked minefield.



They were soon to discover that the war had not ended for them. Unexploded cluster bombs lying  buried,  hidden in vegetation or just on top of the soil continue to maim and kill to this day. Many victims are farmers tending their fields but forty five percent of those killed are children often little boys playing with the 'bombies'.

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