Narooma 'Clear Blue Waters'

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The Sea Cliff Bridge

The balanced cantilever bridge had only opened a few months before our crossing.   Previously it was a cliff side road subject to heavy rock falls and months of closure while being made safe again.   Nothing $54 million couldn't fix.  It is now a great tourist attraction with new dangers and deaths of visitors climbing unauthorised trails to get a shot from the cliff above.  They call it 'Selficide'

How lucky were we that it was completed in time for our arrival?

Bar Rock our first photo on Narooma Beach

We stayed next door to Shirley and Brian in the lovely vacation home generously loaned to us their neighbour.  We had dinner at the golf club, visited Brian's camera club on competition night and got to join in the judging.   Brian also took us to the lifeboat station where he is a volunteer the entrance to the harbour can be quite tricky but this day all was calm
Look up, way up and there you see a solitary golfer on the dramatically located Narooma Golf Course

That's better, you can see him now, just

Scenic Holes Hall of Fame   -  Narooma's famous 3rd 'Hogan's' hole 

Famous because of Paul Hogan's Winfield Cigarette commercial in the '70's





Soldier Crabs

Light Blue Soldier Crabs live on sandy beaches from the Bay of Bengal to Australia



The arrival of the crabs is triggered by the falling tide.  They emerge in great numbers and begin to feed, moving across the beach with the largest crab in the lead at a speed of 10 yards per minute

Usually  they are all male but some days may be both male and female

If disturbed they burrow into the sand with a corkscrew motion.  They can disappear as quickly as they come

On 'maneuvers' they are quite a sight


Wagonga Princess Cruise

Explore a hundred years of Wagonga inlet history aboard a hundred year old electric ferry with the irrepressible Charlie Bettini

The third generation of his family to grow up here with the tales and photos to prove it.  He includes a sail amongst the oyster farms,  a guided rainforest walk and a Devonshire cream tea in the afternoons festivities

There were insufficient numbers at this time of year to make the Montague Island tour viable so we didn't see the lighthouse or seals.   We highly recommend this tour

Oyster Farm

Charlie slaying 'em with his tales

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