Don Det 

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The overnight bus from Vientiane was not too bad.  For the first half of the journey we had a slow and steady driver and we slept until the midnight rest stop at a modern bus station with food stalls, bathrooms and showers.  

Our relief driver was fast and erratic so we slept little and arrived in Pakse 90 minutes early, but not too early for the transportation touts.  We took this sawngthaew for the three hour ride to Nakasan.  Because I was sick (sinus cold) they let me squeeze into the cab.

From Nakasan we took a short boat ride and landed here at the Noun Riverside Restaurant on the beach at Don Det 

Some young travellers  in Vientiane had told us we would probably find Don Khon more to our liking as that's where all the old folk go.   

We ignored their advice and  took a room in the  hotel to the right of this restaurant.

We do not recommend it. The following day we moved to Don Khon.


The restaurant was a good place to chill out and we came here often.  At night it served as the meeting place for everyone on the island, was very busy and noisy.  


One of the many small inexpensive bungalow style guest houses.  A mattress on the floor, communal washrooms and a hammock on the porch, all most visitors to Don Det  really need or want.

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