Siem Reap - Tonle Sap


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Wat Bo Area
Wat Bo is a nice part of town with lots of guest houses, we spent our first two nights at Two Dragons Guest House and moved into the center of town to Pub Street the backpacker area for a change of pace, both areas are an excellent choice for accommodation

Across the gardens and opposite the royal residence is the tiny Preah Ang Check and Preah Ang Chorm Shrine.  It is considered a place of good fortune and it is common for newly married couples and their families to come here to make offering
Flowers and incense are sold at stalls around the shrine.  While we were watching deft hands folding back lotus petals to form these posies, a group arrived, bought their offerings and made their way to the shrine quickly followed by other groups
It seems customary for the brides to be beautifully but heavily made up heavy


The colours change but the ritual remains the same.   As this couple entered the Shrine I was invited to join them and take photographs.   Photographers were on hand at the gates but I don't know whether they are there by prior arrangement or just hoping for business 

Ceremonies and photos over they release tiny birds for luck,  then leave for Angkor Wat, a wedding planners dream, a fabulous backdrop for their next round of wedding photographs.   I think these traditional costumes definitely look better from the front, not too keen on the black dress shoes and socks either


                                                           Golden Temple Villa and Pub Street
As long as you are not averse to the colour orange you can do no better for budget accommodation in Siem Reap than The Golden Temple Villa.  Our room was a vision in purple and orange, we loved it.  Internet in the lobby was free as were tea and coffee all day in the restaurant,  we were also entitled to a free banana every day  The fact that Golden Temple Villa is in the red light district did not bother us in the slightest

2015, Reading Tripadvisor reviews it seems they are still giving great service and getting great reviews

The delightful Kaaey


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